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Bid Opportunities

The following is a list of all solicitations available through the City of Tucson. The first section lists all solicitations that are available through the download process. The second section lists the construction solicitations that require you to purchase plans, and are only available at the locations notated above that section.

Please note that if you download a solicitation, you will also need to download the current amendments separately. You will not automatically receive any amendments issued subsequent to the date you download a solicitation. The recipient of any downloaded solicitation documents from this website takes full responsibility for checking on any subsequent amendments. Please read the Disclaimer for more information.

Please refer to the Bids in Evaluation and Recent Awards pages for further status and information on each solicitation posted on this website.

Section I: Solicitations available for download

To download, click on the IFB/RFP/RFI/RFQ number.

IFB/RFP/RFI/RFQ NumberTitlePrebid DateOpen Date
171600 Legislative Representation Services - State and Regional 9/28/2016 10/12/2016
posted: 9/21/2016
Contract Officer: Jeffrey Whiting
171598 Paramedic Ambulances, Type 1-AD, Class 1 9/1/2016 9/26/2016
posted: 8/25/2016
Contract Officer: Jeffrey Whiting
amendment: 8/31/2016
amendment: 9/2/2016
amendment: 9/13/2016
attachment: _171598_171598 Attachment E.pdf
attachment: _171598_171598 Attachment F.pdf
171596 Commercial Banking Services 9/15/2016 9/30/2016
posted: 8/19/2016
Contract Officer: Jenn Myers
amendment: 9/13/2016
amendment: 9/19/2016
amendment: 9/22/2016
attachment: _171596_Attachment D Price Page.xlsx
attachment: _171596_Attachment D REVISED Price Page - Copy.xlsx
171574 Purchasing Card Program and Virtual Card Payments 9/15/2016 9/29/2016
posted: 8/25/2016
Contract Officer: Lloyd Windle
amendment: 9/12/2016
amendment: 9/20/2016
attachment: _171574_171574 - Attachment B - Online Purchasing Card Reporting System.doc
attachment: _171574_171574 - Attachment C - Online Purchasing Card Reporting System - Functional Requirements.xlsx
attachment: _171574_171574 - Attachment A - City of Tucson Vendor List_2.xlsx
171562 On-Call Environmental Remediation and Investigation Services 9/16/2016 10/4/2016
posted: 9/6/2016
Contract Officer: Sandra Alcorn
amendment: 9/22/2016
attachment: _171562_171562 Appendix A - SBE Provisions.pdf
attachment: _171562_171562 Appendix B - FTA Terms and Conditions.pdf
161541 Tucson Water Lineshaft Pump Bowl Assemblies 9/16/2016 10/4/2016
posted: 9/6/2016
Contract Officer: Carole Quintana
161530 Electric Motor Rewind, Repair and Purchases 9/8/2016 10/6/2016
posted: 9/1/2016
Contract Officer: Carole Quintana
amendment: 9/23/2016
161528 Bicycle Sharing System 9/21/2016 10/11/2016
posted: 9/9/2016
Contract Officer: Dan Longanecker
attachment: _161528_161528.Appendix A Tucson Feasibility Study.pdf
attachment: _161528_161528.Appendix B Tucson Business Model and Financial Analysis.pdf
attachment: _161528_161528.Appendix C Detailed Project Assessment.pdf
attachment: _161528_161528.Appendix D Bikeshare System Elements.xlsx
attachment: _161528_161528.Appendix E Price Proposal Form.xlsx
attachment: _161528_161528 Appendix F FHWA Ts and Cs.pdf
161496 Title and Escrow Services 9/13/2016 9/27/2016
posted: 8/30/2016
Contract Officer: Carole Quintana
attachment: _161496_Attachment A - HUD Non-Construction Documents without maint_1.pdf
attachment: _161496_Attachment B - Section 3 Documents 1-2014.pdf
161457 Motor Oil, Grease and Lubricants 9/2/2016 9/29/2016
posted: 8/24/2016
Contract Officer: Cynthia Thompson
amendment: 9/7/2016
amendment: 9/15/2016
amendment: 9/16/2016
amendment: 9/16/2016
amendment: 9/21/2016
attachment: _161457_161457 Price Page.xls
attachment: _161457_161457 Revised Price Page.xls
attachment: _161457_161457 AMEND 3_Revised Price Page.xls
attachment: _161457_161457_FINAL REVISED PRICE PAGE_AMENDMENT 5.xls
161453 Waste Tank Pumping and Disposal 9/13/2016 10/3/2016
posted: 9/2/2016
Contract Officer: Kristina Tequida
amendment: 9/22/2016
amendment: 9/23/2016
attachment: _161453_161453 Attachment A Price Page.xlsx
attachment: _161453_161453_ATTACHMENT B_Price Page - REVISED.xlsx
161432 QVL for Legal Services for Indigent Defendants 1/21/2016 Open and Continuous
posted: 1/14/2016
Contract Officer: Kristina Tequida
amendment: 3/30/2016
attachment: _161432_161432_QVL for Indigent Defendants - Kristina.doc
161398 JOC for Water Meter Replacement Program 9/2/2016 10/3/2016
posted: 8/23/2016
Contract Officer: Sandra Alcorn
amendment: 9/8/2016
amendment: 9/22/2016
attachment: _161398_161398 Appendix A - General Conditions.pdf
attachment: _161398_161398 Appendix B - SBE Provisions APDM.pdf
attachment: _161398_161398 Appendix C - Performance Bond.pdf
attachment: _161398_161398 Appendix D - Payment Bond.pdf
161359 Maintenance & Operation of TARP & AOP Treatment Facilities 2/9/2016
posted: 1/29/2016
Contract Officer: Sandra Alcorn
amendment: 2/12/2016
amendment: 2/18/2016
amendment: 2/25/2016
amendment: 3/1/2016
amendment: 3/14/2016
attachment: _161359_161359_Attachment A - Detailed PM Activities Tables.pdf
attachment: _161359_161359_Attachment B - TARP and AOP Process Schematics.pdf
attachment: _161359_161359_Attachment C - Sample Report Forms.pdf
attachment: _161359_161359_Attachment D - FOP Sampling Template.pdf
attachment: _161359_161359_Attachment E - Sample Work Orders and WAM Screen Shots.pdf
attachment: _161359_161359_Attachment F - Price Schedules A, B, C, D.pdf
attachment: _161359_161359_sign-in sheet.pdf
attachment: _161359_Revised Attachment A - Detailed PM Activities Tables (2016-02-25).pdf
attachment: _161359_161359_Revised Attachment A - 2016-02-25 AOP PM.doc
attachment: _161359_161359_Revised Attachment A - 2016-02-25 TARP PM.doc
posted: 4/21/2014
Contract Officer: Kristina Tequida
amendment: 4/28/2014
amendment: 5/5/2014
amendment: 5/9/2014
amendment: 11/6/2014
amendment: 11/6/2014
amendment: 2/12/2015
attachment: _141029_141029_ATTACHMENT A.pdf
attachment: _141029_141029_ATTACHMENT B.pdf
attachment: _141029_141029_ATTACHMENT C.pdf
attachment: _141029_141029_ATTACHMENT D 1 HUD.pdf
attachment: _141029_141029_ATTACHMENT D HUD Instructions.pdf
attachment: _141029_Attachment E.pdf
attachment: _141029_141029_Word_version_Jenn.docx

Section II: Construction Solicitations

Plans and Specifications for Construction IFB's can be picked up at the following location:

American Reprographics Co (ARC) Tucson
3955 E Speedway Blvd, Ste 102
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520)327-6700
FAX: (520)322-6811

Plans and specifications for some projects may be available online. To access projects that are currently available online, please click here

IFB/RFP/RFI NumberTitlePrebid DateOpen Date
171566 Grant Road Phase II: Stone Ave. to Park Ave. 10/6/2016 10/27/2016
posted: 9/16/2016
Contract Officer: Dan Longanecker
attachment: _171566_171566 Notice Page.pdf
161559 Road Recovery FY 2017 Rehabilitation Package 1 9/27/2016 10/6/2016
posted: 9/14/2016
Contract Officer: Dan Longanecker
attachment: _161559_161559 Notice.pdf
161536 Houghton Road Widening at Union Pacific Railroad 9/20/2016 10/7/2016
posted: 9/6/2016
Contract Officer: Dan Longanecker
attachment: _161536_161536 Notice Page.pdf

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